FPS Strange (144 FPS => 30 FPS)


When I try to play a game (Minecraft or steam game with Proton for example) the fps is strange:
I can run the game at 144 FPS and after a while fps down to 30FPS for a while and return to 144 FPS and that infinitely, in Minecraft the same, but FPS down more when I move the mouse (250FPS → 30FPS).

I notice that my GPU en CPU doesn’t use more than 50% (mangohud).

(Games are running well on Windows)

GPU : RTX 2080 Ti
CPU : Intel Core I7 7700

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I have had a similar problem, what fixed it for me as lowering my mouse’s DPI to the minimum. I have no idea why, but it works for me.

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Hey there,

Some people are having issues due to the mouse polling rate and the symptoms are pretty much what you experience - when you move the mouse the frame rate drops.

You can try to read a bit more:


You can check if your mouse is supported and that tool can help you out:

I personally have 2 Glorious Model O and D mice that I use (one is configured with 125Hz and the other is 1000Hz) and luckily I have no issue with both of them in games - I acknowledge that this is specific for my hardware setup, tho so YMMV.

For the WINE/Proton issue that could be it, but he says he has similar issue in Minecraft which I believe doesn’t run in WINE but with JAVA.

Anyway if you want to try the ‘fix’ for the WINE issue with mouse polling rate, simply add usbhid.mousepoll=8 to your GRUB command line. You can also try to plug the mouse to a USB 2 port if you have one.