FPS Drop in Minecraft

So ive been playing Minecraft on Manjaro for about 3 month now and i always didnt know why im am only getting 300 fps cause in a benchmark their saying that i should get like 500, but thats not the problem because now my fps dropped another 100 fps (ik thats still not bad but if i want to record i only get 150)
idk why and ik i dont have much but maybe some1 can still help me
my specs r amd 5 3600 and gt 1030

So we also need to know your resolution… are you running in 1080p? 2k? 4k?
A GT 1030 is a slower GPU my guess is you should be seeing 150-400fps in minecraft but that all depends on if you turn up the view distance etc.
Have you installed Optifine? Are you running on Fabric/Forge? What mods are installed? Do you have a texture pack installed? Are you using Shaders?
My guess is you have a 60hz monitor. You won’t see over 60fps so there is not point letting your fps go uncapped and causing extra heat on the graphic card. Not sure why people always try to get more FPS then their monitors can even handle.

So im playing a client (Lunar client) no Fabric or Forge its like all cool mods in one and yeah i have a 60hz monitor but somehow it still laags sometimes and more often if my fps drops to liek 100 and for the texturepack idk some random 16x so nothing special and no shaders.
Also i dont really understand ur 1 question for the resolution like default i mean idk

Also another questoin is if i should install all kernels or idk (yes i dont really know what that even is) but thats not very important

Honestly if you have a 60hz monitor I would cap the ingame FPS to 60. Also on the possible low FPS side have you upgraded the nvidia driver?

(Don’t mess with the kernel… just leave it the manjaro default tbh)

To check if your nvidia drivers are up to date (and using the proprietary drivers for gaming)

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

then reboot

i already have all drivers up to date it just says

Skipping already installed config ‘video-nvidia’ for device: 0000:07:00.0 (0300:10de:1d01) Display controller nVidia Corporation GP108 [GeForce GT 1030]

Yeah I am not sure. Honestly I don’t really see an issue if your fps is already above your monitors hz.

OK i guess i have to live with taht then thank you anyways