Found & Fixed Thunderbird Bug: After 2023-07-27 Update: No "Unified" Subfolders

After today’s update (2023-07-27), the “Unified Folders” in my Thunderbird had no subfolders. I have 46 email accounts installed into T’bird, so normallly, each of “Inbox”, “Drafts”, “Templates”, “Sent”, “Archives”, “Junk”, “Trash” have 46 subfolders each, but they were all gone.

However, with a few minutes of googling I found the solution. In case anyone else has this problem after the update, here’s how to fix it:

  1. Exit T’bird.
  2. Go into your T’bird profile folder and Make a new subfolder called “cut-from-mail”.
  3. Go into “Mail”, find the “smart mailboxes” folder, cut it from “Mail”, and dump it into “cut-from-mail”.
  4. Restart T’bird.

It’s that simple: T’bird will quickly rebuild the “smart mailboxes” and nothing will be lost: not accounts, not emails, not settings.

After doing this fix, all of the subfolders of my “Inbox”, “Sent”, etc, are now back and showing dozens of new incoming emails.

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Here you go :wink:

TBPRO=$(find "$HOME"/.thunderbird/ -name "*.default" -print); SMRTD=$(find "$TBPRO"/Mail/ -iname 'smart mailboxes' -print); mkdir -p "$TBPRO"/cut-from-mail; mv "$SMRTD" "$TBPRO"/cut-from-mail/ || echo "Something went wrong. Yell at cscs."
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