Forum usage question

For the manjaro forum, I’ve setup profile notifications as:

Watched: Announcements
Watching First Post: Tutorials
I thought I’d Track anything else NEW that I select and manually change the notification level at the bottom of the topic.

Couple of questions:

\1. The Category topics will appear under the Profile Notifications. So I should see all Announcements and the First Post’s of Tutorials.

On the notifications web page, is there a Discourse configuration option to include the Category name along with the Topic title?

Another option would be to have a filter by Category?

As I scroll through the list now, it just looks like a random list of topic titles. I didn’t realize the list would get so long.

\2. Now that I have all these Notifications :slight_smile: , how do I easily get rid of Notifications on the notification web page? I’ve seen the title and I’m not interested. If I want to keep it, I’ll bookmark it.

If I can’t manually remove notifications, when do they go away?


I am not a Manjaro team member. I am only a forum regular.

I don’t bother with that, because I have set my main page to New Threads, and so the titles of new Howto/Tutorial threads will always appear in my view. I then go over the list and I open each thread of my interest in a new tab.

When I get to the bottom of the list, I scroll back up to see whether any new threads have been posted in the meantime, and then I click the Dismiss button, because everything I wanted to look at from the list of new threads is already open in a new and distinct tab by then. Replies to threads that I’m watching will then appear in the notifications list, as well as that there’s an Unread tab with the number of threads that I’m either tracking or watching.

This I cannot answer. Maybe someone from the team or someone who’s got experience running their own Discourse-powered forum elsewhere can pitch in. :wink:

On your Preferences page, you can set whether a thread will automatically be set to “tracking” if you’ve spent a certain amount of time looking at it or not. By default, this is set to “tracking”, but I’ve disabled it for myself, and instead I use the manual toggle per individual thread.

You should have the ability to dismiss notifications by way of a button at the bottom of the notifications popup, but they will still remain there for a certain amount of time, and as a FIFO list ─ “first in, first out”. I think there’s a timeout too ─ maybe 48 hours ─ but I’m not certain.


This makes sense. I was trying to be fancy :slight_smile: and experiment with Notifications. The list got too long and is quickly becoming useless. I like the way you are using the forum. Thanks.

If any Team Manjaro comes by, I’d still like to know when Notifications go away?

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(same disclaimer as @Aragorn)

They don’t unless you press Dismiss. (unless I’ve misunderstood you)


Visually, it seems all the Dismiss button does is disable the Dismiss button (turns light grey). :slight_smile: Nothing is deleted from the list. Nothing seems to change.

Oh… Now I see where you’re getting at.

Yes, you cannot delete any of those message, just dismiss them.

This is for moderation purposes: If you insult someone (or get insulted) that’s there forever.
If you posted something dumb (like I frequently do :blush: ) on a topic, yes, you can delete that post…

Does that answer your question?


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