[Forum settings] wrong link to reset password to forum send in email

it’s my first post sorry if I don’t follow all rules yet (i need to dive in into forum) but i liked to report problem with registering to manjaro forum/ maintaining password reset.

in the email comes wrong path to reset password:
forum.manjaro. org/users/password-reset/55c888xxxxxxxxxxx
should be
forum.manjaro. org/u/password-reset/55c888xxxxxxxxxxx

Is there somewhere better place to report it?
i found that after fighting with password manager that was not able to save auto-generated password.

BR Tomi

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This problem came back? Maybe switch interface language in English will help?

I’ve managed it (as i can login), but I’ve manually edited link,

my intention is that someone will configure/fix forum, as this can be wall for not experienced users that forgot password.