Forum on Manjaro 20.1rc4 badly supports Chinese

I set my system language to Chinese, I installed Chinese language packages for Firefox and changed my font for Firefox to Noto Sans CJK SC for simplified Chinese.

But all the fonts on other websites changed except Manjaro Forum where some characters are still using Japanese styles.

我的 vivaldi 显示挺正常的 :thinking:

Can you give examples about characters which are still Japanese styles, like a screenshot.

Maybe this helps: 安装Manjaro之后的配置 | 辛未羊的网络日志

I am using GNOME now and I changed the /etc/fonts/conf.d/64-language-selector-prefer.conf and that would be OK.

I was just wondering that it was only a little problem which can be solved by installing language packages but now it is complex.

绿色的图标,是octopi吗? 你不使用manjaro预装的包管理器吗?

感觉 octopi 挺好用的,毕竟以前用 Debian 系发行版的时候用惯了新立得 :sweat_smile:


需要额外安装, octopi-notifier-frameworksoctopi-notifier-qt5