Forum notifications: edit links just result in "History" dialogue with endless spinning circle

I posted this here as it probably isn’t relevant to new members but happy to put it in the forum feedback section if that might be more appropriate.

Just a casual query really. When someone edits a post and I click the link in the Forum web-page notification it just produces this:

Pressing Esc or closing the box just puts me at the top of the thread. Am I missing something? No ad-blockers active on this site which I think might interfere.

It’s always been this way AFAIK.

Just curious if it’s the same for others.

I’ve noticed this too, on occasion. I’m guessing it can happen if the post in question has been moved or deleted in the meantime. :man_shrugging:

moved to Forum to give it more visibilty

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Thanks, I was tempted to. Thing is, the “history” actually works in some cases (found that out yesterday when looking at a Wiki page I made a small edit to). Also this one.

It seems I just can’t see edits made by moderators? I guess that is to be expected.