Forum Etiquette question

Is it considered poor etiquette to post a support post a second time using a more intelligent topic label?

I have a post under the KDE support and it seems that in my sleep deprived stupor I made the verbiage for the topic…well it doesn’t convey anything close to being an intelligent conveyance of anything much less what I needed to convey.

I know some folks and places are sensitive to having someone re-post the same thing over and over so I thought I’d ask if it was considered poor form here?


You can edit your own posts. That’s preferable.

Yes; posting about the same problem twice is against the rules.

You can always flag your post with a request that a moderator change the thread title.

If just post words of what happening when sleepy sleep time of like with your keyboard maybe try with not to have never title of thread with new postings without sending to submit the new text?

I appreciate everyone’s help. Thank You