Forum emails with odd sender

I’ve always gotten the standard emails from: [Manjaro Linux Forum]. However, yesterday, the sender was: perl -e 'print$i=pack(c5(41*2)sqrt(7056)(unpack(cH)-2)oct(115)10); ' via Manjaro Linux Forum

Posting, jic it needs attention…

It might just be a glitch ─ everything has been fine here at my end ─ but keep monitoring the situation, and if it happens again, let us know.

There was an update to the forum software a few days ago, and that may be what caused the problem. :thinking:


I’ve seen that before.

There is a chance that the user is using that string as their Full Name.

I’d suggest checking the thread and the user’s information to be on the safe side.


What is this sorcery @merlock ?


I didn’t do anything; nor did I send any emails. Anyway, it’s wrong:

It’s supposed to be:

perl -e 'print$i=pack(c5,(41*2),sqrt(7056),(unpack(c,H)-2),oct(115),10); '



Mystery solved @airclay ?

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could (yet, not sure) be an injection attempt…

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