Forum Email Validation shows URL error

I don’t need to log into the forums often, but last few times I kept getting an error message from the site on email validation:

You can't log in yet. We previously sent an activation email to you at r[REDACTED].com. Please follow the instructions in that email to activate your account.

Upon clicking Resend the sites shows an error:

An error occurred: The requested URL or resource could not be found.

The site has been doing this for months. Today I selected option to Change email. Upon using that, no error and I get an activation email. I login and change my email back to the original email address I used. Finally get an activation email to the original account which previously produced the error.

I’m probably not the only one who hasn’t been able to login due to an issue with the activation process.

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While this could indicate a variety of possible causes; email server errors; a typo when entering an email address; etc, the Change Email option is there for a reason, and you’ve obviously just found a practical use for it.

I haven’t seen any other issues related to the forum activation process or login process, but I’m sure someone will look into it.


This was my experience as of March '24. Thanks @reefland for the pointers. I was working around uBlock and opening up the browser when it’s a server issue.

Timetravelling? :grin: March 24. has not yet happened - 22 days to go

The forum is one huge web application with tremendous amount of javascript - so blocking javascript may render certain parts of the forum inoperable - that is usually a user decision.

March 2024, apostrophe before 24. Common usage around my neck of the woods. But yes, it’s 16:30 of the 2nd March, future compared to most places!

Understood, was just highlighting the experience which I had assumed it was due to a variety of blocks to avoid the usual ad pollution. Managed to work around it so it’s working!