Forum dark colours

Hi All, who ever you might be.

I don’t know if there’s been an update to the forum, but I suspect so. I use the Manjaro Dark2 Material Theme, and this morning when I opened the forum all the colours were…wonky. See below for an example:

I’ve narrowed it down, I think, to where the variables are set in the CSS:


I don’t think this is correct. Am I missing something, somewhere?


I also use Manjaro Dark2 Material Theme and it displays fine for me in Brave.


Hmmm…because it looks like that both on my Desktop, as well as my Android Tablet…

Firefox on both…will do more testing then…

Also looks just fine on my Firefox…

Works just fine on my Waterfox, which is basically Firefox…

So never mind then. It’s weird, but Ill live with it until my Firefox wakes up. (And catches up.)

Mine look exactly like the original post. I had to change to a light theme to be able to read anything. I am using Firefox, but I have been using FF and that same dark theme forever. It just changed some time today.

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Switched back to the Dark Theme this morning, and the problem is gone. Everything looks normal like before the problem occurred.

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