Formatting as Transaction-Safe exFAT?

Is there any method in Manjaro for formatting block devices as TFAT/TexFAT? pacman -Ss texfat returns nothing, so there doesn’t appear to be any packages for TexFAT, or am I lookong in the wrong place or with the wrong search terms?

It probably would be better if you described your goal
as opposed to asking for whether the solution to it that you think it works
would be … doable.
xy problem, I think

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From the same Wikipedia page that you’ve linked to… :arrow_down:

Due to the lack of support in desktop operating systems, neither TFAT nor TexFAT are recommended for removable media. While the desktop OS could still read the drive, it could not use the transaction-safe features, so unexpected removal or a power outage could lead to data loss. In addition, directories created under the desktop OS may not be transaction-safe even if the drive is later attached to a TFAT/TexFAT aware operating system.

So I guess the answer is “no” — or at least for now. :man_shrugging:

Problem X is what filesystem to use for an SD2Vita device, for a PS Vita, exFAT or TexFAT. A question for problem X has already been posted to a relevent forum, this thread is for problem Y, in the event the answer to X is indeed TexFAT.

Well, the Wikipedia page hasn’t had content edits (only formatting and reference edits) for many years at this point, so software support might have been added since then without the page being updated, hence the question.

Well, a cursory look through both the exfat-utils and exfatprogs packages show that there’s no support for that in either of them. :man_shrugging:

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