Formatting and mounting a pen drive witha 350 mb esp fat 32 partition

I can make the partition on the pen drive easily enough in gparted butvi need to mount it to copy files to it which means I need ownership of that directory after it is mounted BUT

chown -R clowdyallday:clowdyallday ~/Public

Spitsout errors. Clearly I mounted /dev/sdb1 to ~/Public & clowdyallday is both a user and group name that I am using and belong to. The error says operation not permitted.

I am not using mfstdata flags but esp which also enabled boot.

My pi4b8gb with manjaro is my only PC.

The pen drive shows in gparted without errors dosfstools and mtools are installed…

What the what gives?

FAT32 has no permission system.

What errors do you get when you just copy files to the folder with the mounted partition?

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Caja reports a permissions issue with extracting my files to the partition

Caja might be trying to also write the permissions.

Try unpacking locally first. Then copy them.

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Caja won’t allow cut and paste

Tried to sudo mv files in terminal to no avail. Some errors about failing to preserve ownership of the files and folders and finally reporting operation not permitted. Though I did get a few things copied over it seem, just not all of them. Plenty of free space too.

I said copy. Not move.

And don’t use sudo to do it. That will mess up permissions.

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Caja won’t allow copy and paste either

cp command without sudo throws permissions errors also

What’s the output of:

ls -al ~/Public

Where Public is where you mounted the partition.

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ls -al ~/Public

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Dec 31 1969 .
drwx------ 22 clowdyallday clowdyallday 4096 Aug 24 14:14 ..

Hm. Why is your Public folder owned by root?

Because it has my /dev/sdb2 mounted there and sudo is required to mount it?

That’s where I mounted the pen drive partition

I thought you where mounting a FAT32 boot partition?

Either way, you should be able to copy the stuff over with

sudo cp <files> ~/Public/
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That is where I mounted the fat32 ESP partition. It happens to be /dev/sdb2 at the moment

I used the asrerick.asterick flags. It complained of no -r reran with -r but folders did not copy over

I think you need -R for recursive with cp.

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This is cooky

I can copy only 7 files from the directory of my unarchived file. I have deleted the source directory and extracted it again. No diff.

The whole source directory will copy over but then Im one directory too deep

Why can’t I have permissions on fat32? This won’t write on manjaro or Debian.

cp -R on twister gives me permission denied


Can’t parse the command?

So I finally set my flag back to mtfsdata, copied the files and set it back to esp after. I follow instructions given, except when they suck. ;). People on the internet should know what they are doing before creating how tos… Now I’m hitting the bullseye. Nothing but net. Thanks for your help. Sorry if I frustrated you.

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