Fork Gnome Software Center and add to it AUR support

As I think and as Rob mentioned in this video, it could be better to have a software center instead of or with Pamac GUI. It would be pleasure to use software center instead of a package manager like gui app. Pls :wink:

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You can already install gnome software.Just me I like pamac as it’s written to work with manjaro and it works very well .

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Not just you! I love it, too!

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PackageKit based programs like GNOME Software are not recommended.

Warning: PackageKit opens up system permissions by default, and is otherwise not recommended for general usage. See FS#50459 and FS#57943.


We tried it when introducing snap support and soon decided against it. Reasons:

  • It is much less powerful tool, app-center < package manager
  • not developed in house, so maintenance would be a lot harder
  • performance is worse
  • it consumes 300-600Mb ram in the background for basically no reason
  • it doesn’t handle updates as well as a fully fledged package manager

It has improved a lot since then, but so has pamac. It is just better piece of software.

More reasonably, we might hope for an app center mode in pamac.


I know but the GUI could be then more similar to Gnome Software center. :confused:


Even if Gnome is my current DE of choice, there is something else outside of Gnome.
KDE, XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate, LXQT, … A too gnomish look for Pamac would not necessarily looks good on all environments.

Why should Pamac mimic Gnome Software Center specifically? Why not KDE Discover? Or Pop Shop?

Pamac is Pamac. If you have requests, suggestions, graphism ideas, you can open issues into Pamac section of Manjaro Gitlab.


Rn it’s not really a pleasure to use it in case of user experience. It could be more simple, more like Gnome Software, Kde Software and Pop Shop mixed. I don’t know, why don’t just give a try and check if it looks good, boosts the user experience, or not.

Tuxmanjarino and anzel. Don’t you like improving stuff? This is what Linus Torwalds talked about. This is why Linux will never become mainstream (if we don’t improve stuff soon). Because the big tech always tries something out, tries to improve their software based on user feedback or not. But currently neither of opensource devs take critisism very great (except and thanks who does!!!)

The problem is, the improvements you are talking about, is opinion-based. So the improvement is your opinion on how you like it, not how others will like it too.

Many people don’t like how Gnome Software looks and behaves, that’s why there are alternatives, like Pamac.

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