Forgotten authentication password for installing programs (or how do i reset my password?)

I have forgotten my authentication for Manjaro v 22.0.0 & need to install a new one.
I have tried to do so with the snapd protocol but this appears to be only for changing an existing authentication that I do not have.
Is there a grub recovery command to install one?

Where do I find the Zbe & Mirdarthos questions, marked with a red question mark? They do not appear as replies & are not in my incoming mail. In my very long experience online with forums I have never before seen this type of communication style.

It’s a hint without words that you told us nothing and we have no idea what you are asking.


Maybe this

or this

These are just emojis that signify that those people do not really understand what do you mean. Me too by the way. I guess you ask how to reset root password, the rest is not understandable.

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Well I am absolutely astounded because with Mint Linux I can install an authetication password in recovery mode using the shift key on startup!
My experience is that an authentication password is mandatory for installing third party software in Manjaro & is not the same as a root password. I’m asked for it every time I try to install such software.
So what is the necessary process to make authentication work?

Have you tried searching the web? There has to be million results of how to reset your user password, if that’s what you’re talking about.

That’s pretty blunt of you. You don’t seem to be really trying to understand or help!

I can understand now why so many people are put off by Linux. Authentication should be basic to all distros. Why is it made so difficult? Surely people have asked this specific question in relation to Manjaro, but I don’t see it. I have spent hours on this, partly because Manjaro doesnt seem to have any useful guidelines of its distro for users. There doesn’t even seem to be a contact address for the administrator.
Can you nominate one of the millions of results you refer to that would be of help to me for Manjaro authentcations. I shouldn’t have to go there because I can’t get a respectful reply on this forum.

The problem is, we still do not understand what exactly is not working for you. The authentication password is either the password for your account or the root password, depending on how YOU installed the system. And as far as i can remember from using ubuntu a couple of years ago, it works exactly the same there. And if you had to ask such a question (that question results of not even a basic understanding of permissions, user accounts, root and sudo concepts), linux is not for you. Probably not even ubuntu, and manjaro is a level above that.


You set it up when you installed it, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is your 5th post and you have made zero effort to formulate what the hell you’re even talking about.

This isn’t babysitting forum. If you can’t do a basic search then Linux isn’t for you.

I have included one more link about resetting forgotten password. If there is another question, you have to ask it understandably.

No, you have been very unclear in explaining what you want to do.
And immediately start to complain about the type of answers you get after having being asked to clarify.
Dont complain - read @Teo 's link and go on with your day.

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No, forum is for problems you can’t find any solution for anywhere – meaning after doing necessary work yourself. But sure, keep posting until someone manages to spoon-feed you whatever you’re after.

So that is indeed your user password (or the root password if you set one separately). I will edit the topic title a little and the tags since this has nothing to do with grub or plasma specifically.
And i think it is time to call it a day and i will mark myself as a solution to facilitate future searches, because this here now is going nowhere…

Thanks for your positive contribution

Did you reset your password yet?
Can’t be a very pressing problem.

:joy: He has to post some more first.

Thanks very much for your help. At least you are really trying to help, while others just want to vent their liver torments at me. Now I understand that ‘authentication’ just means authentication by using the root password. This could have been clarified here from the outset but wasn’t, because status seeking people here didn’t want to do so for there own dubious reasons.
I coming back to using this distro after a couple of years away.

ZBE is the unicorn here in our Manjaro forum, don’t put everyone in the same corner.

On the otherside, i don’t see that your complain’s make any sense and i don’t see any logic behind it.

Your problem is solved and you didn’t payed any money for the help.

Below you replied to yourself… :point_down: :crazy_face:

Why didn’t you say that they meant the same thing instead of obfuscating the issue by grandstanding your perceived status here.


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Since I’m now the sycophant anyway :man_shrugging: I can as well say this:

I find his terse and not overly friendly and blunt communication style refreshing and effective.
Focus is on getting the people to help themselves instead of doing their work for them is my impression.

But some people are allergic to sarcasm and stuff like this happens …

I’d vote for all the now flagged posts to stay as they where
Don’t hide them.