Forgot to change things before swapping graphics cards, No more graphics

Hi, I’ve just swapped my graphics card from an Nvidia GPU to an AMD one, but it seems like there was configurations I had to either change beforehand, or do so now, as KDE plasma straight up doesn’t start. It only shows the “No irq handler for vector” message from initial startup that began appearing years ago when I updated my motherboards bios.

I can Ctrl+alt+f2 to swap over to tty2, I just don’t really know what I have to alter to get things working again. Can someone explain what I have to alter, or point me to a guide? Also I don’t know if this is in the right forum, or if this is a KDE thing

Hey there, since you can get a TTY … please just follow normal procedures for selecting/installing/applying drivers (and removing unneeded ones).
All of that info should be here:
It can also be found locally by performing the following and going from there:

mhwd --help
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Ah, I had already done that earlier; but it seems I actually had to fully remove the Nvidia drivers for it to use the Linux ones.


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