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Everytime i try to boot manjaro, it asks for my archlinux login and password and i don’t remember the username. Is there any way to recover it?
P.S - I have very little linux experience. So please try to explain it in as non-technical terms as possible.

You need to login to another account and see all users in cat /etc/passwd

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In that case, your system probably hasn’t been updated in a very long time, which could lead to lots of trouble.

The simplest way would be to boot up from a Manjaro live USB and look at the name of the user’s home directory. This name corresponds to the login — note: GNU/Linux is case-sensitive.

However, if you’ve also forgotten the password, then best is to chroot into your installation from the Manjaro USB and then set a new password. :arrow_down:

sudo -i
manjaro-chroot -a
passwd name-of-user

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