Foreign languages

Writing in Italian when all suggested words are English is very hard.

Clicking on the keyboard icon in Telegram, a dialog asks me:

Choose input method
:radio_button: English (US)
Android Keyboard (AOSP)

And no other choices…

Adding new layouts and languages should be doable from Settings > Screen Keyboard - then you can have more choices when selecting the input from the Keyboard itself, while typing.

Hm… none of the configure/ settings apps seem to work. Couldn’t that be done form an ssh terminal?

The settings application don’t work for you?

Now I fixed it. I launched it from the phone terminal, that way it told me about a missing kirigami module. Just reinstalling kirigami-addons made it work.

That way I managed to add a second language in both plasma-settings and the waydroid emulated settings.


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