Forcing the audio buffer/sample rate to a specific value, questions

My system (Pipewire) seems to default to 256/48000 in the audio settings. I need it to be 128/48000. I am using an app (under WINE) that is “locked” to the system defaults. As it’s under WINE I am assuming that is why it will only go to higher rates - IE 256 and above.

I have tried looking at winecfg and the audio tab but it just allows “System Default” and PulseAudio (I assume it’s Pulse as I have Pipewire-Pulse installed? (as a side note, I am not really sure why Pulse still even shows up when I THOUGHT I had replaced it with Pipewire??) Anyhoo, I digress -

So essentially what would be the steps to force a system default of 128/48000?

Oh and qjackctl automatically starts at 1024/48000 not sure how to change that one…I have changed it under the setup and saved that as a user setup to load but that’s not working either.
Not sure if the issues are linked, perhaps indicating some other errors somewhere in the setup, but thought I’d post it to provide a little more background :slight_smile:

All documented here PipeWire - ArchWiki