Force reinstall of packages or check for inconsistency

Hi there,
during the last Manjaro update (couple of days ago, quite a lot of packages updated) I unfortunately had a file system full. Root cause found and solved (thanks to Manjaro community :smiley:), and now system boots again.

But, I see a few coredumps I did not have before, including brave browser. For brave was an easy solution, I removed and reinstalled it.

In log file I have “Systemd-coredum” related to: org.gnome.Nauti, evolution-sourc, evolution-alarm. After booting, logging in DE and opening logs I see ( I add the last line of each stack trace):

systemd-coredum: Process 3304 (org.gnome.Nauti) of user 1002 dumped core
#0  0x00007f9861b03c2a n/a ( + 0x22c2a

systemd-coredum: Process 3110 (evolution-sourc) of user 1002 dumped core
#0  0x00007f98610a5ebe n/a ( + 0x8bebe)

systemd-coredum: Process 2833 (evolution-sourc) of user 1002 dumped core
#0  0x00007f086211dc2a n/a ( + 0x22c2a)

systemd-coredum: Process 2884 (evolution-alarm) of user 1002 dumped core
#0  0x00007faae7ff6c2a n/a ( + 0x22c2a)

systemd-coredum: Process 1494 (evolution-sourc) of user 1003 dumped core
#0  0x00007f9061b40c2a n/a ( + 0x22c2a)

systemd-coredum: Process 1261 (evolution-sourc) of user 1003 dumped core
#0  0x00007f8f61fe3c2a n/a ( + 0x22c2a)

I recall I saw during the update process a few messages on screen about truncated libraries … and above I see a lot of ld-linux* and libc*

Not having a backup (I know I know … :roll_eyes:), is there a way to force a reinstall process of packages? Something along the line “force reinstall all the package related to my installation that have been published in the last 7 days”…

Many thanks!

You’ll have to check pacman.log and manually reinstall whatever you updated in past 7 days.

You can also install pacutils and see what you get running

sudo paccheck --list-broken --files

Search for missing files first:

sudo pacman -Qk 2>/dev/null | grep -v ' 0 missing files'

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… ooook so mixed news …

  1. the above paccheck and ‘missing files’ both give no outcome : good!
  2. I checked the pacman.log and I’ve about 30 lines like
    '[ALPM-SCRIPTLET] ldconfig: file /usr/lib/ is truncated'. I guess BAD :frowning:

Should I reinstall libwebkit2gtk? Which package contains libwebkit2gtk?

Thx! :slight_smile:

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    ~  pamac search -f /usr/lib/                                                          ✔ 
/usr/lib/ is owned by webkit2gtk-4.1
/usr/lib/ is owned by webkit2gtk-4.1
/usr/lib/ is owned by webkit2gtk-4.1


May be easier and faster reinstalling all packages, to be sure they are all ok:

pacman -Fyx path/to/file
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… and @megavolt win again the context :grinning:
I just force reinstall webkit2gtk and the systemd-coredum gone away.

Thanks to @Arrababiski and @anon51566685 for valuable hints, I’ll come back to this message when (and not if) I’ll mess up things again :slight_smile:



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