For security reasons, launching executables is not allowed in this context. [Xplane 11]

Hello all, I just installed my copy of Xplane 11, and the installer worked without a problem. However when I try to launch the simulator from the folder I get this message.

For security reasons, launching executables is not allowed in this context.

I have had this happen with a couple things, but not sure the reason behind it. The installer did not create a link or shortcut anywhere that I see. Re-launching the installer works fine as well, as you can add or remove scenery files but no way to launch the sim. Does anyone else have experience with Xplane 11, or this message in particular? I have only been using Manjaro for a couple months now so Iā€™m no pro.

R9 380
Linux 58
KDE 5.19

Can you open a terminal in xplane folder and execute ./X-Plane-x86_64?

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This works, thank you! Will I have to do this every time I need to launch it, or is there a way to make a link?

You could create a desktop file if the installer did not create one, ex:


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=X-Plane Launcher
Exec=/home/$USER/.xplane/X-Plane-x86_64 ## of course replace this with correct path and username

Then you could launch it from the menu and all that.

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Ok, then you should create a desktop file like @cscs wrote.

Also I recommend for better performance with X-Plane to install package gamemode and replace Exec command with this:
Exec=gamemoderun ./X-Plane-x86_64
and add following lines also
Path="/home/$USER/X-Plane 11/" ## replace this with path to your installation folder
Icon="/home/$USER/X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/interface11/logo.png"

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