Foot font issue

Rpi4 untest-0626-img build from unstable, good.
but foot font ugly issue still, what ever setup with no luck.

OMG, ‘set $term foot’ instead of footclient, done.

Thank you for your persistence as I know nothing about sway. The next rebuild will be next Monday.

can you check waybar font usage, it looks icons & fonts too crowded.

I know nothing about it to diagnose it. I have never used a tiling window DE.

The reason the stock manjaro-arm sway installation uses footclient is because foot is initialized in server mode. ref:

You can check the following file: on line 16 to confirm this is the case

@Darksky I believe the above commit will render the foot server initialization mode redundant/useless

You may refer to my other post on where I specify a workaround for this particular case

good catch, thanks.

I make the changes in the arm-profiles. Since this is not a package as it seems the latest ttf-nerd-fonts upgrade probably caused this a manual correction as you stated in your post will be necessary.

I also made changes to /etc/sway/themes/matcha-blue/foot.ini while I was at it.

@philm You may also want to add this to your next branch update snap that this will be an issue under “Known Issues”.

Hi @Darksky
The repository still contains the footclientfoot change:

The initialization of foot in server mode here:
remains being redundant/useless on master@b4039143

Ok. I reverted @Rip2 request in post #2 above. Is it all good now?

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Looks great. Thanks!

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