Fonts and icons not rendering across browsers

Hey everyone,

I’ve been experiencing weird font/icon rendering issues with Firefox for quite a while. Now I’ve tried Chromium, and it’s the same there. I’d add screenshots, but I can’t embed images…
On Google Fonts, all fonts are rendered the same. Also, Google Translate is completely messed up, with icons not rendering and displaying as alt text, like volume_up. I looked up the “allow pages to choose their own fonts” option in my Firefox settings, and it’s checked, so this can’t cause the issue.

Desktop: KDE
Kernel version: 5-4-138-1
Firefox version: 90.0.2 (but, as said, also happens with Chromium)

Any idea what the problem could be?
Thanks in advance!


Running wayland-session ?

Nope, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE says x11.

Does this also happen for a newly created user? (E.G. smuecke2)


Yes, it does. However I found the issue: I’m running Pihole, and it was blocking which made all the fonts and Material icons not render correctly :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your input nonetheless!

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