Fonts all screwd up in foot terminal (pbp)

foot terminal warning:Noto Sans Regular:font does not appear to be monospace;check config…
,and why does changing dpi setting in wdisplay doesn’t stay persistent after reboot?

… can you please try to be even more terse?
To convey as little information as possible?
… while expecting others to help you
(or hoping for that help)
with a problem you have …

yes ,I will do my best,lol …!

good - I was just looking at your previous activity - and it fits the same pattern

might have been the reason for getting the large amount of responses that you got :grinning:

…and sofar Arch runs way smoother than manjaro so I’ll stick with that smarty boy!

… and so do I, my slightly salty friend :grinning:
who is still asking questions here, but does not take the time to include vital information

you could have taken the time to clarify your question instead of snickering

bye now!

You answered your own question. Use monospace font.