Font issues when SSH-ing

Hi all,
I’ve created a Manjaro VM which I’m looking to use for development purposes. When using Manjaro natively installed or with the VM gui up, the fonts look great in terminal. When I SSH into the server that clean modern font and icon set is broken.

Any suggestions on what fonts I need to install on my Win10 machine, and if there is a SSH application preference. I’m just using command prompt at the moment.

So you establish a ssh connection to a win10 machine?

I guess this is going to be a windows topic what is off-topic and will be closed, but it must be this font: Source Code Pro

ls /usr/share/fonts/adobe-source-code-pro/

OP seems to ssh from a Windows machine to Manjaro VM.

Me too…

One could try to do away with fancy prompts for the user logging into on the Manjaro VM.

Other than that it would probably have to be solved on the Windows side and this is no WIndows support forum.

yea confirmed it’s going from Win10 → Manjaro. It’s definitely something on the Windows side, but your average windows help forum is not going to be able to resolve :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll keep digging and post if I find anything, in the mean time any advice is appreciated! :smile: