Font for Bangla is problematic and some are unchangeable

Bangla fonts in ‘Zoom App’ and ‘Telegram App’ are problematic and I think it needs to be changed. Gnome Tweak tool could not change the font for them.
Someone suggested me to use Qt5 settings to change font. I tried that app and chaged font. The bangla fonts for ‘Manjaro settings manager’ and ‘OBS studio’ were fixed. But the fonts for Telegram and Zoom be are still causing problem and they do not follow ‘Qt5 settings’

I tested on POP OS (bangla language packs were installed already) by installing Telegram and the fonts were okay.

So then I uninstalled Noto Fonts and Noto Cjk fonts from Manjaro Gnome installation hoping that it will force those apps to use other fonts. But Telegram and Zoom are still using those problematic Fonts for Bangla language. I don’t know why those apps don’t use ‘Noto Sans
Bengali’ for Bengali text and ‘Noto Sans’ for English texts automatically.

And how the Bengali language packs for Ubuntu or Pop OS sets the fonts correctly automatically I don’t understand. (By the way don’t tell me to switch distro because I love Manjaro Gnome for many reasons)


same problem here bro… did you get any solution?

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Na vai kono solution pai ni ekhono. Manjaro er sob e Joss shudu ei samannyo problem.

Just solved the issue right now, uninstall the official snap, or the packages from AUR, and install the flatpak version of telegram and zoom. Bangla font will be clear in it.

ttf-hack 3.003-3 should be installed.


How did you know that ttf hack font is necessary?

As its pre installed in debian based system. btw did it work bro?

though the system bangla font couldnt be changed.

Change it from the “Gnome Tweak tool”.
Most of the fonts will be changed.
And the rest of the apps will be fixed by"Qt5 settings"

Apnr sthe jgjg kra jbe? Msg disi forum a.

For me, filenames saved in Bangla are problematic as well (don’t look nice at all), both in Manjaro Cinnamon and KDE. Can this be solved by installing ttf-hack? In Kubuntu the same Noto Sans font is used, but Bangla fonts show up in much nicer form.

KDE fonts should be changed from settings.
I once used KDE now I’m on Gnome.
I think Manjaro Gnome is less buggy. I haven’t used Manjaro XFCE. But it’s Manjaro’s flagship flavour

Gnome has less font issues
But free download manager font issue is remaining
I found this app only in AUR and I found no flatpak version

I found this link for changing fonts in Telegram, but it did not work for me

I changed fonts to the Bangla font “Akaash”, but there was no change in telegram.

I am using Manjaro Cinnamon

@bogdancovaciu @cscs
Issue: font problem in Official repositories, AUR, snap, but It’s okay with Flatpak.

I’m drawing the attention of the developers

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