Folder keeps appearing

Hello! I’m using Manjaro Gnome, however, even if I already uninstalled Kindle from my PC it keeps appearing the folder, how can I fix it?

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Uninstalling an application does not remove the application’s configuration files in your home directory, so you’ll have to manually delete that directory. It should be safe to do so.


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I guess you installed Kindle through wine … if so, then check this folder:


There are all desktop files located which are installed as user, not as root.

However, like @Aragorn says… configuration files at your home folder are not removed by any uninstall.


Hey guys! Thanks for answering so fast. Then, I uninstalled everything, but it keeps appearing. -I don’t know if I got all the instructions right, I’m really noob yet-

What folder?

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It appears two folders, the ‘‘Kindle’’ one and ‘‘Uninstall Kindle’’.

You mean the desktop files or shortcuts at the menu?

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Shortcuts at the menu

Could you open a terminal and type this:

ls -R ~/.local/share/applications/

Please post the output here.

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It appears like that:
ls -R $HOME/.local/share/applications/  :heavy_check_mark:

 gnome-printers-panel.desktop   wine-extension-ini.desktop
 mimeinfo.cache		        wine-extension-jfif.desktop
'Stardew Valley.desktop'        wine-extension-jpe.desktop
 wine			        wine-extension-mobi.desktop
 wine-extension-azl.desktop     wine-extension-msp.desktop
 wine-extension-azm.desktop     wine-extension-pdf.desktop
 wine-extension-azn.desktop     wine-extension-png.desktop
 wine-extension-azs.desktop     wine-extension-rtf.desktop
 wine-extension-azw4.desktop    wine-extension-tpz.desktop
 wine-extension-azw.desktop     wine-extension-txt.desktop
 wine-extension-chm.desktop     wine-extension-url.desktop
 wine-extension-gif.desktop     wine-extension-vbs.desktop
 wine-extension-hlp.desktop     wine-extension-wri.desktop
 wine-extension-htm.desktop     wine-extension-xml.desktop



'Amazon Kindle'  'Amazon Kindle For PC'

'/home/samdavi/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Amazon/Amazon Kindle':

'/home/samdavi/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Amazon/Amazon Kindle For PC':

And here are the “shortcuts”:

Delete them:

rm -Rf ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Amazon

and run

update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications/

Btw. dot files/folders like .local are hidden files/folders. You need to make them visible at your file manager.


[quote=“megavolt, post:9, topic:70705”]

ls -R $HOME/.local/share/applications/

[/quote] Man, it worked. Thank you a lot, my friend :smiley:

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