Folder creation on LiveCD

I’m looking for and trying to understand which script creates the folders in live mode, the user folders. I know the xdg-user-dirs package manages this, but I’m not having any success, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on that isn’t creating the user folders and these 3 files are being created (Empty Bash, Empty Desktop File.desktop , Empty File) that I couldn’t find with grep or find.

Sorry, that screenshot is definitely not from any Manjaro ISO. Wrong icon pack, for one.

If those are the only files in ~/, something is wrong. Not a single distro with GNOME should look like that.

Those belong in ~/Templates are are shipped by default from upstream.

Yes, this is an ISO of the Biglinux gnome version that I’m building, but I’m redoing a lot of things like ci/cd, I took a lot of old code and I’m correcting it. As we are still manjaro based, I would like to know the files that manjaro uses when the livecd is booted and the folders are created. The entire icon pack was created by the Biglinux team.

Sorry, then you’re in the wrong place. This is the official Manjaro support forum. Please instead seek support on the BigLinux forum.