Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 not detected as output device

I have a Focusrite 6i6 audio interface I use for my microphone. Up until a recent Manjaro Gnome update, I was able to select it as an “Input Device” in the Audio settings of gnome. Now, since the update, the Focusrite doesn’t even appear as an option in the “Input Device” list any more and I’m unable to use it. Furthermore, it’s not listed as a device in the “Output Device” list either. Naturally, I did a quick lsusb to see if it’s even detected and it is. The output line is:

Bus 005 Device 006: ID 1235:8012 Focusrite-Novation Scarlett 6i6

What can I do to make it appear in the audio options so that I can use my microphone again? It’d also be helpful to chose it as an output device in the case I want to use my speak monitors.

How should I proceed?

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I’ve solved the problem–at least for now. What I had to do was install pavucontrol (sudo pacman -S pavucontrol), navigate to the ‘configuration’ tab, on the dropdown list of Scarlett 6i6 I chose “Multichannel Duplex” to enable both input and output capabilities.

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