Fn Key not working after Manjaro installation

Hi, so I’ve dual booted my laptop to run Manjaro and Windows 10. I just finished the installation earlier and everything seems to have gone well except that I don’t think my Fn key is working. My keyboard’s backlight turns off when I boot up Manjaro and I can’t seem to turn it on with my Fn Key. But when I boot back into Windows it seems to go back to normal. Not really sure where to start as I’ve never encountered a problem like this.

This is slightly relevant, but I actually had a lot of trouble getting the dual boot ready. I had to uninstall and reinstall the entire OS a few times. On my first install, I booted up with the open source drivers and at that time I remember my keyboard’s backlight seemed to work just fine. On my subsequent installs, I booted up with the proprietary drivers and that’s when the keyboard’s backlight seemed to go on the fritz.

On a side note, I’m sort of a beginner when it comes to Linux. Manjaro is my first Linux OS.

Thanks in advance.

Did you check System Setttings>Keyboard if the keyboard hardware model is correct or the additional tab options?

Hey, sorry for replying so late. I’ve actually had a few more issues pop up since then. My entire Manjaro OS was being very unresponsive and wouldn’t register any of my clicks when I was using it today. Even after I reboot it’s still unusable. I remember updating my kernel before going to bed so maybe that was the issue? I might just do a fresh reinstall from scratch since I don’t really have anything to lose at this point.

Okay so I’ve switched the model in Keyboard Settings to ‘Asus | Asus laptop’ but my fn key and keyboard backlight still don’t work. Where should I go from here?