Flowblade not starting

Hello there,
I noticed that recently Flowblade just will not start on Manjaro i3.
I’m running this on an ASUS X555L, and Flowblade had been working fine previously.

Here’s the last bit of the output when I try to run from urxvt:

  • fbdev
  • oss
  • pulse
  • sdl,sdl2
  • video4linux2,v4l2
  • xv

    MLT detection succeeded, 179 formats, 117 video codecs and 80 audio codecs found.
    574 MLT services found.
    Loading render profiles…
    Loading filters…
    Loading transitions…
    RGB Adjustment dropped for Color Adjustment
    Hue dropped for Color Adjustment
    Gamma dropped for Lift Gain Gamma
    G’MIC found
    Player initialized with profile: HD 1080p 30 fps
    Selected color NOT detected
    BG color detected
    Create SDL1 consumer…
    No user folders actions needed.
    zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) flowblade

Basically some of the windows seem to open but look like just outlines of windows, then they disappear after a few seconds. What should I do? Kernel 5.10.129-1 MANJARO with i3 as WM.


This looks a lot like this old (closed/fixed) issue

On the other hand, looks like this issue might affect your install too