Flatpak not Working after moving it to Home/user Partition

I moved my package manager to Home instead of root and follewed this guide on GitHub (Methods to save space on your '/root' partition while using flatpak · Issue #2337 · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub), seemed simple enough and did the following commands

sudo mv /var/lib/flatpak /home/user
cd /var/lib
sudo ln -s /home/user/flatpak flatpak

After doing this I can’t use any app on flatpak even tho they are currently on home, I can’t also use add/remove software (package manager) idk what is wrong with my system since this was a simple move because my root partition was full and I had a home partition just for it

I’m guessing it’s no longer in your executable path.

I suggest the simplest way to fix this is to simply sim link from /var/lib to the current flatpack folder.

navigate to /var/lib and use

sudo ln -s /home/user/flatpack flatpack

the error I got after testing the command is ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘flatpack’: File exists, which means there is already a flatpack folder in var/lib I suppose, but I still can’t acess my flatpak apps nor my package manager

I’ve also noticed that RN I created a unknown files called flatpak which only serve to point at /home/user/flatpak since my user is iceblock, the chain should be /home/iceblock/flatpak right?
Is it supposed to create a unknown file that points at this /home/user/flatpak?

First of all my bad … spelling

The command should be

sudo ln -s /home/username/flatpak flatpak if that’s where you copied the flatpak folder to.

so I guess the correct instruction should be

navigate to /var/lib and use

sudo ln -s /home/iceblock/flatpak flatpak

This will create a symbolic link ‘flatpak’ in the /var/lib folder that points to the actual place where where you are storing the flatpak files.

The symbolic link (sim link) is a sort of place holder for the actual ‘flatpak’ folder, as far as the OS is concerned it IS the ‘flatpak’ folder, so if /var/lib/flatpak is in the executable path, the app should run.

I have weird unknows linked files to places that don’t exist for example home/user/flatpak since it was my mistake to create this in the first place, I imagine that I have to delete them throught the konsole, what command do I use?

it worked, it ended up being me being a dumbass and misstyping Flatpak as flatpack… I learned quite a lot tho since I had to manage my files through the Teminal
Thx a lot Tracyanne for the help <33

No worries. Glad to help.

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