Flatpak folder keeps on raining on my ~/.local/share/

…even if I haven’t flatpac installed and rm the folder.
Where do we find what triggers that?
Tnx, cheers

You can completely remove flatpak if you don’t need it:

pamac remove flatpak

sudo rm -r /var/lib/flatpak

rm -r ~/.local/share/flatpak

More info:

Recently I quicly installed flatpak to check on troubleshooting for a user …
Then I had a whole host of things to remove:

I removed all that, but ~/.local/share/flatpack keep rising again, undaunted.
I still see a /sbin/fpack : is it HIM?
Why o why to remove a package must be a calvary, dear mantainers?
This linux resembles more and more the gates evil creatures :-||