Flatpak Electron Menu Dark Mode


is there a way to get a dark menu with electron apps from Flatpak?
I recently switched some app from AUR to Flatpak.

But in the Flatpak app, the menu bar is in light mode instead of the system dark mode.
Everyting else in the app is in dark mode.
Tried some tutorials, installed theme for Flatpak but nothing worked.

AUR app:


Thanks for the help!

Is there no solution for this?

Flatpaks are usually sandboxed, so they can’t take advantage of the systems themes.
Where the AUR packages are on the system directly and not sandboxed, so they can. Snap has the same issue.

This is very sad. Everyone: “Flat is the future. Use it.”.
I like a consistent look and this bothers me.

So i have to return to AUR.

Thanks for the reply!

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