Flatpak does not install VSCode correctly

Hello, so I’m quite new to Manjaro, this is my first time using it and when i went to download and install VSCode from flatpak it seems to run into a problem, where it does not recognize my zsh terminal, I think it has something to do with PATH or something like that, because it does not recognize Golang installed either, but when I installed Code-OSS with pamac the app runs perfectly, it recognized zsh, golang, everything. Does anybody know how to solve this?

Thanks a lot for your time


What do you mean here?
Using flatpak command?

Same thing … how was this installed?

Just wondering…

Your user profile says that you are on Stable branch, but it also says that you are running kernel, which hasn’t been released to Stable yet (and probably will never be since Unstable & Testing have already skipped past it).

Is that a mistype, or are you running a custom kernel or possibly on Testing or Unstable branches?

You might want to run the command pacman-mirrors --get-branch to check what branch you are on.

Also, please provide the output of inxi -v7azy as suggested in the Provide your system information, whenever relevant or when in doubt section of [HowTo] Request support - Contributions / Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum

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Yes, I installed VSCode using flatpak and ran into that problem, golang was installed as the official docs say, using tar on /usr/local/go and then exporting the path.
I fixed the problem installing vscode with pamac and AUR

Yes, I used both 6.6 and 6.7, and with both I ran into the problem, as i said earlier the problem was fixed using the VSCode build from AUR

In general we dont usually manually install things unless specifically needed.
go is in the repos.

(ex: sudo pacman -Syu go)

As for snaps and flatpaks … they are ‘containerized’ by design, and should not usually be expected to ‘mesh’ with the system like normal software, especially if not configured for certain allowances.

(see all about portals and permissions in the link)



Oh, ok, thanks a lot for your answer, yes, it seems it was something to do with the allowances and containers.