Flameshot: copy to clipboard feature is gone


after the latest update, when using flameshot, the button for copying to clipboard is gone. CTRL + C (copy to clipboard) doesn’t work either. Has anyone else noticed this?

Apart from that, the tray icon is gone aswell.

After reinstalling I noticed this:

Optional dependencies for flameshot
    gnome-shell-extension-appindicator: for system tray icon if you are using Gnome
    grim: for wlroots wayland support
    xdg-desktop-portal: for wayland support, you will need the implementation for your wayland desktop environment

I am using i3, so am I also affected by gnome-shell-extension-appindicator?

Hi @inkping,

I’ve just checked, and mine works like a charm!

Just double-check that it’s enabled in the settings:

Hope this helps!

Try reinstalling. Working on my end.

@inkping Did you manage to fix it? I’m also using i3 and I tried reinstalling it with the gnome-shell-extension-appindicator dependency but I can’t still see the copy button as well as the Ctrl+C doesn’t work. One strange thing is that when I checked the config, there are two keys for copying:

Copy selection to clipboard: Ctrl+C
Copy selection to clipboard: Left Double-click

Left-Double click works and it copies the selection with no problem.

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Hey, you are right, the left-double click works! I am still missing the button but this is a nice work around.

@inkping I managed to find the solution in the flameshot github issue. You need to remove any arguments when you run flameshot, so here’s how it is in my i3 config file now:

bindsym Shift+Print exec --no-startup-id flameshot gui

Hi @iamriel I just came here because I had just noticed the same thing! I noticed it when I used flameshot from the tray icon and it was different than when I used it from my i3 keybinding.

After reading that github statement, it feels like a Flameshot downgrade somehow when I have to confirm saving every time…

Most applications - if not all - parses options and arguments in the following order - last option/argument read is applied

  1. distribution wide /usr/
  2. system wide /etc/
  3. user ~/.confg, ~/
  4. command line

Which means when you provide options on the commandline - they will override options defined in preceding locations.

This is the fix for me! Thank you so much!
Originally I had given a path argument bindsym Ctrl+Print exec --no-startup-id flameshot gui --path ~/Documents/screenshots. Removing it and the save to clipboard button reappeared. Thanks!