Flameshot cannot capture the screen in Wayland

The system I use is the latest version of Manjaro Gnome. After download screenshot software at Sudo Pacman -S Flameshot, you can’t use Flameshot in Wayland. Can you only use the X11 protocol. Is there a way to solve Wayland cannot capture the screen problem?

You might find something useful here.



Thank you very much, but I still have a lot of software that is not compatible with Wayland, such as Utools, TeamViewer, etc., so I finally gave up Wayland

Understood. We are all transitioning to Wayland, now, more than ever. Everything is in flux, and probably will be for some time. I’t difficult to anticipate what will or still works in Wayland as opposed X11; we just know that Wayland is the road ahead and hope that enough of the software we use day to day supports one or the other. Fortunately, Wayland suits me just fine, right now, but not so as little as a year ago.

Try wayfarer. Works under wayland. It’s an AUR package.

As good an alternative as any, if the OP hasn’t given up on Wayland completely.
Here’s the Github link just in case: