Flameshot cannot be used in the gnome desktop environment

The only way to do this is to open flameshot and type ‘flameshot gui’ into terminal. Other than that are not available, since the system was updated yesterday.

Have you tried editing the flamshot.desktop file, usually found in /usr/share/applications and changing the line that reads


to read

Exec='flamshot gui'

man flameshot

       Per  default without subcommands, flameshot runs the Flameshot in the background and adds a tray icon for configuration. Note that it will not take a screenshot unless you
       define one of the modes though the subcommands. There are various subcommands that can be used to use flameshot in different modes:

       gui    Running Flameshot in gui mode would let the user to select the region from which the screenshot should be taken and then allow them to annotate the screenshot.

       full   Takes screenshot of all monitors at the same time

       screen Takes screenshot of the specified monitor.

              Does not accept any arguments, it will just opens the launcher window

              If no argument is provided, it will open the config window, otherwise it can change the configurations based on the provided arguments.

Keep the default and make no changes


Someone has reported the issue on GitHub