FL Studio - cant see text or numbers

I occasionally use FL Studio on Windows 10 and I wish to start using it on Manjaro.

Quality of life question: what sort of fonts do I need to install so I could see the text or numbers in fields, that are currently blank? It was worse before I installed Microsoft fonts, but still, seems like there is something Im missing.

Have you tried this?

Seems to work fine on my end

I installed it in Lutris, manually I don’t remember the details but it was pretty straight forward (The Lutris script wasn’t working I can’t remember).

It depends how you installed it, the Wine version you’re using, and other factors, as this is a Windows application, it all resides in the Wine prefix.

This might also be of interest:

According to the AUR page:


I forgot to mention that every time I try to install fonts through Winetricks I get the error message:

" Running /usr/bin/wineserver -w. This will hang until all wine processes in prefix=/… terminate "

This is expected.

If you don’t explain anything about how you installed FL Studio, and every information possible, there is no answer possible, we could tell every possible thing we think about but this is a waste of time and not proper troubleshooting.

Yeah, sorry about that

I dont know how to use fl_studio_integrator, I tried to give it a path to my wineprefix with FL Studio, like $ fl-studio-integrator /home/USERNAME/.local/share/wineprefixes/FLx64Prefix/, but it gives an error “wine: invalid directory in WINEPREFIX: not an absolute path”. How do I set the path to wineprefix properly?

wineserver -k kills all Wine processes, locked up or not

You can also use wine taskmgr for a ctrl-alt-delete style Windows task manager, where you can kill Wine processes individually. Kill all wine run apps, all wine processes - WineHQ Forums .

Try this fix by adapting it to your FL studio: Fusion 360 for Linux does not launch · Issue #320 · cryinkfly/Autodesk-Fusion-360-for-Linux · GitHub .

Instead of apologizing (what for?), why don’t you post the information required to help you? Also don’t go to off topic things like using AUR packages to integrate FL into your system this is non sense. Fix your issue you opened this topic for, don’t do off topic things for now.

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From its description it seemed possibly useful for you; you would need to decide if it indeed was, or not; I can offer no additional help with the package.

Please don’t scold the OP unnecessarily for simply responding to another post, which may or may not have been useful; the OP is capable of deciding himself as to its relevance.

That is irrelevant to the thread, that’s all.

Ok, I will find my way eventually, because I dont want to use Windows anymore, it would be of a great convenience if it works fully. Thank you.

Omano, if you are here to just say that I suck at Linux you could as well just said nothing at all, cause your help isnt helpful.

I copied Windows fonts directly from my dualboot Windows 10 partition, which is
and pasted them in Windows fonts folder in my Wineprefix, which is
Now FL Studio shows all the text and numbers.

I’m glad you found a solution.

For reference, there are similar Linux alternatives which might be worth a look;

some available free;

and others paid:

Keep in mind that some of these may not (yet) be ready for Plasma 6.


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You’re definitely dumb that’s impressive, not able to answer a simple question three time in a row, making up things that never happened.

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