Fixing choppy animations

hi all , after messing with 15 distros , i found out majaro in terms compatibility with my laptop and kde in terms of customization are the best mix for me . but i have one little problem ,which isn’t big but annoys me a lot . when dragging windows or maximizing them , just general interactions feel choppy and laggy . i feel like it is not running at 60 fps , because before switching to manjaro i used open-SUSE which is kinda close to manjaro and there the animations of open-SUSE KDE was soo smooth , especially i have a high refresh rate screen so it look really pleasing to the eye

basic info
razer blade 15 2018
gtx 1060 max q
intel I7-8750h
i also have an external monitor connected (i don’t know if that is important)
running latest proprietary drivers
Manjaro KDE (dual boot)
fresh install , nothing extra being added

messed with compositor a bit
best results were
scale method : smooth
rendering: Open GL 3.1
latency : force smoothest animations
automatic VSYNC

if I fix this , i am never going back to windows

thnak you