Fix screen tearing

Is there any way to reduce screen tearing on manjaro cinnamon besides activating “forcecompositionpipeline” and “forcefullcompositionpipeline” in nvidia settings? Ive tried both of those settings, and it didnt seem to reduce screen tearing in any noticable way. And yes, i did save the settings to nvidia.conf in /etc/X11/mhwd.d/.

I’ve been running cinnamon since August last year and don’t experience any screen tearing. Are there any particular applications that cause it or does it happen all the time? I’m running a intel/nvidia hybrid laptop so most of the activities are run on the Intel chip

Firefox and games is where it is, but i imagine its probably all the time. And i run on a desktop with a nvidia card, so thats probably why

I run steam games on my nvidia card using prime render offload and don’t have any screen tearing. It can’t be driver specific as there’s only the one nvidia driver now. The only thing I’ve done is set nvidia to performance mode in settings.

How much of a drop in graphics quality do you have?

I have 970m graphics card (msi gs72 6qe stealth pro) . Graphics are fine, I can run doom external on fairly high settings without any lag.

Try to restart OS after addiding new module to kernel, it helps.