Fix for wnck-applet crash or mate-panel crash or wnck-applet stops

I use mate desktop, and since 1.26 the mate panel crash the widget that contains the virtual desktop.
Y reported the bug to mate, and the solution was use the git version of mate-panel that include wnck-applet.
I used a old PKGBUILD that found and modified. I suggest that add the fix to the mate-panel like Mint do.

Fix: (i use git because 1) i dont know how to apply a partial patch 2)I prefer use the entire fixed software

Other ref:

PKGBUILD, for if somebody cant wait to update mate-panel:

pkgdesc="The MATE Panel"
depends=('dbus-glib' 'libwnck3' 'libcanberra' 'libmateweather' 'libsm' 'mate-menus' 'mate-desktop' 'gtk-layer-shell')
makedepends=('mate-common' 'yelp-tools' 'intltool' 'itstool' 'gobject-introspection' 'gtk-layer-shell')
conflicts=('mate-panel-gtk3' 'mate-panel')
provides=('mate-panel-gtk3' 'mate-panel')

prepare() {
  cd "$srcdir/$_pkgname"
  git submodule update --init --recursive

pkgver() {
  cd "$srcdir/$_pkgname"
  git describe --long | sed 's/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/-/./g'

build() {
    	cd "${_pkgname}"
    	./configure \
        	--prefix=/usr \
        	--libexecdir=/usr/lib/${_pkgname} \
        	--sysconfdir=/etc \
        	--localstatedir=/var \
        	--enable-introspection \

    	sed -i -e 's/ -shared / -Wl,-O1,--as-needed\0/g' libtool


package() {
    	cd "${_pkgname}"
    	make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install

I don’t know why pacman look and update that have inferior number, for thar I added mate-panel to IgnorePkg = into pacman.conf, somebody can explain me?

warning: mate-panel: ignoring package upgrade (v1.27.0.r0.g4d65b4df-1 => 1.26.2-1)

I uploaded the package because somenody does know how or can’t compile it: mate-panel git
Well, I search where report bugs, but i not found in manjaro.

EDIT: I note that are 1.26.2 so let me test to verify is that is right and not cause in dmesg “trouble ahead, collision” etc.

Please check the packager in the package description. As many other packages, mate-panel is inherited from Arch.
If you want the git version, there is an AUR package already AUR (en) - mate-panel-git
You can ping the packager there and flag it out of date …

Being a community package, I assumed that it was packaged by the Manjaro community and not that it depended of the Arch packager (Antonio Rojas at Archlinux).

It’s not that I want to use the git version, it’s that it was the one that fixed the bug, i was working with the bug a lot of months, when i report it on github and i see that a commit was related, packaged the git. Today 2-2-2022 reached unstable 1.26.[2] At the moment I see the bug solved (the closed in github).

For future bugs not solved, so the procedure is, if I understand correctly, to report a bug even if it’s from Manjaro repo and a spin flavor community like mate desktop, do I have to send mail to the Arch packager or report in the bugzilla of Arch, or both? because I reported it to github, because Arch and Manjaro uses vanilla code, so, if the bug is not of the distro, every report is for the upstream, but in this case for example, the bug was solved and the manteiner no repacked.

And yes the mate panel git from aur is outdated, for that I use a own PKGBUILD.

Well, i wait some guide to report bugs and where. Thank you.

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