Fix for Cura 5 Appimage fails to launch with OpenGL probe error

New Cura 5 appimage gives OpenGL Probe error on launch.

This thread on the Ultimaker forum describes a workaround:

./${AppImage} --appimage-extract 
mv squashfs-root/ squashfs-root/
./appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage squashfs-root 
mv -f Ultimaker_Cura-x86_64.AppImage ${AppImage}

But I had some issues:

  1. The path is not the path that the Appimage Launcher used when integrating the Appimage into my system, and it also appended the file name with what I’m assuming is a unique identifier.
  2. The path to appimage tool was also incorrect

Modifying the commands to point to the correct file names and paths, WORKED, much to my relief.
Since the Appimage Launcher created a ~/Applications folder, I started in that directory and ran the commands:

./${AppImage} --appimage-extract 
mv squashfs-root/ squashfs-root/
/usr/bin/appimagetool squashfs-root
mv -f Ultimaker_Cura-x86_64.AppImage ${AppImage} 

So it looks like I extracted the Appimage, removed a library, re-compressed it, and created a new Appimage…I think.

Anyway, Cura 5 now runs on my install of Manjaro KDE on X11. I’m going to try it on Wayland next.

EDIT: Nope. I get the same OpenGL error on Wayland (KDE 5.25). Plus I get weird scaling issues on Wayland, so I’m sticking with X11 for now.