Fix breath2 not loading on Manjaro Plasma login screen

Hi! The login screen of Manjaro KDE freezes when I try to enter my password, and therefore I’m currently locked out. Aside from freezing, it shows an error below the user card, which says the breath2 theme can’t be loaded. So in order to fix it, I must chroot and run some commands to reinstall the theme, or reset kde settings.

  • I’ve tried chrooting into the system, and updating with pacman, but this hasn’t solved the issue.
  • I’ve tried deleting the kde folders in /home/user/.config, and still getting the issue.

The error reads as follows:
The current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below, please select another theme. \n file:///user/share/sddm/themes/breath2/Main.qml:26:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "org.kde.plasma.core": Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/ (/usr/lib/ file too short)

So I’m looking for commands I can run in chroot, which can potentially fix that issue with the login screen. Here’s a screenshot:

It really bothers me that I cant find the command for changing sddm theme.

(maybe it was some qdbus thing …)

Anyhoo … Its easy enough to go into /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf and edit for default breeze theme under the [Theme] tab:


(the above path assumes plasma settings created the config … if not … it may simply be under /etc/sddm.conf)

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@cscs Hey, thanks! I found the file in /etc/sddm.conf, edited it and the issue persisted. I also found a different way to perhaps do it with lookandfeeltool -a [THEME], but after this attempt, and a few other things, I decided to just restore the timeshift backup. Still waiting to see if that’ll work.