First steps guides

Hello here community,

That is my first day here so sorry if i am posting wrong.
I have downloaded KDE ISO.

Now my purpose is and here i need your supporting guys.

I have Thinkpad e14. Want to install manjaro on it. My goal is to harden my security too. Have more flexibly system and also fast. Everything what i need on it.

But i need such app like zoom teams Office products coz of online staff etc…

My goal is to install VM player 16 on manjaro and on VM Windows 10 and all that staff on it.

Is something like that possible?

Also i want to not have issues on Bluetooth connectivity.

I need all guides from you guys to manage all steps and etc.

Sorry again and thanks.

Well - VMware works great on supported OS and Archlinux and thereby Manjaro is not on that list.

You will have much more success using VirtualBox for that purpose - and it works - I have been doing my Windows development work on VirtualBox VM with Win10 for years.

You are reaching high?

Just read Manjaro Forum, the Archived Forum, Manjaro Wiki and the Arch Wiki - then come back if you have serious questions.


If i install Manjaro as host (main OS). and after will setup VM for other OS’s for other jobs.
Is that possible?

Does Manjaro supports all drivers? Will i have any issues on drivers?

ty for response. I will look on Wiki

Yes - with a virtual machine you don’t need drivers - VirtualBox supplies the need driver.

Manjaro is Linux and Linux supports most drivers. But as almost no computers are built for LInux - there is hardware devices which does not work or requires special attention

The driver to watch out for is WiFi and since WiFi and Bluetooth is the same device you may get issues - just ensure your system is LInux compatible.

Some drivers for printers and wifi/bluetooth must be installed using user scripts - most likely they are available from AUR.

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