FIRST launch of Chrome takes 30 seconds

Hi all.
I am noticing that the first time I launch Chrome in any user session, it takes about 30 seconds for it to start. Because of this, I’ve added it to the ‘autorun at start’ options.
But if I close it down and re-open it within the same session, it launches instantaneously (as I’d expect).
Anyone have any ideas on WHY it takes so long to launch the first time?
Or is it not Chrome that’s taking the time, but the key vault?

Have a look at the latest Stable Updates Announcement 06-04-2023 (Known Issues):

With the disclaimer that I am using chromium rather than the proprietary google-chrome and that I’m not using any key vault, I suspect it will be the latter, yes.

I’m not seeing the same issue here in chromium, which uses the same browser engine as google-chrome, although I have noticed already that chromium will periodically take a long time to open a new tab, which is always coupled to the drive light on my computer housing lighting up for the same amount of time — about 20 seconds — and one of the processor cores peaking at 100% load. This is because of chromium’s aggressive caching policy, but it always happens when chromium is already running, and chromium startup time is always immediate.

So, the bottom line is that it’ll probably be the key vault, yes.

I don’t think that will be the problem in the OP’s case, given that he doesn’t have the slow-start problem when relaunching google-chrome a second time within the same session.

Thanks. I have ungoogled-chromium as a secondary browser and don’t have that issue here either with xfce unstable.

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can we get to know whether you are running off chrome on a HDD by any chance.

i have chrome (installed on SSD) with two profiles, one on SSD and one on HDD, the difference (loading speed) between the two profiles with just the profile on HDD is a sizeable

Koshikas, my OS is installed on an m.2 nvme stick… so plenty fast enough!

This 30s delay oddly coincides with the dbus timeout problem I had. Have a look here it case it helps: GTK programs all take 25-30s to launch