First boot after install stuck (proprietary drivers)


trying to install Manjaro 22 XFCE on a brand-new system. My monitor is connected to the GPU’s HDMI port and I installed with nonfree drivers with boot option “ibt=off” added, as otherwise I wouldn’t get past “Starting systemd-udevd version 252.4-2-manjaro”.

I was able to boot off the USB stick and install Manjaro. However, when I try to boot into my system after successful installation, I get stuck at a screen that looks like the following:

In some threads I read that people get around this by accessing another TTY (ctrl+alt+F2/3…) so they can login as a workaround, but in my case the system freezes completely so I can only hit the reset button.

any pointers as to how I can get around this?

When using Grub as boot loader:

  • You need to boot again using the same kernel command line option, by editing the boot entry in your grub menu, before you boot into your operating system.
  • Then afterwards add that option to your GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT config in /etc/default/grub and regenerate your grub config.

Else add the kernel option in the config of the boot loader you do use…

Oh wow - thank you that did it. I guess because of the very different output I assumed it was something else and completely forgot that of course the boot option I added earlier wouldn’t stick.

So to recap if anyone else runs into this:
I accessed GRUB menu by hammering ESC during boot after POST, pressed E to edit boot options and added ibt=off again:

Then, once in the OS, I edited /etc/default/grub by adding the boot option there too:

After this, I regenerated the grub config by running sudo update-grub

Now I can boot into my OS no matter if I’m connected to my GPU or my iGPU (via the mainboard).

@TriMoon thank you for the quick help!

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