Firewall shutting down after system restart [Help]

Hello community at Manjaro.

I make use of this distribution with the LXDE graphical environment, and my system is fully optimized for my use, however, I have installed the;

Gufw Firewall

I activate the Firewall, but when I restart the OS, it goes back to inactive state.

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

I turned on the computer and turned on the Firewall

I restarted the computer and the Firewall was turned off

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I’ve been using Gufw myself for the past 4 years and this is the norm whenever going through a full start up or rebooting.

If you open the Gufw GUI, hit the small “Home Icon” that should be titled “First Steps”, and scroll down to “FAQ” you will see that the Answer to Question Number 2 covers the subject…


run these commands:
sudo systemctl enable ufw.service
sudo ufw enable
sudo systemctl start ufw.service
and it will stay on after a reboot.

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It is now working as expected, thank you very much.

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When you install a program on Manjaro, it doesn’t enable services automatically.

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Precisely, it’s the user who decides and not the program = freedom!.. :grinning:

I noticed that I have many services started in the systemctl list.
I’m not an experienced user, however, is there a way for me to check which of these services I can disable? To try to make my system even more optimized and faster?
And, is there any graphical interface that facilitates the use of this feature?

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You need to look up each service.
Theres probably lists around, but you should follow them at your own peril.
Only you know if you never want bluetooth to start, etc.
As for a GUI to mess with it … KDE has it:
(and with the GTK versions [systemd-manager] orphaned maybe there is a gnome one now)

Just remember that if you break systemd (or anything else) using a powerful GUI tool … you probably wont be able to use that GUI to fix it :wink:


i for example disabled Bluetooth which made an error start appearing in the journal logs,so i had to track and fix it.

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