Firewall entry missing in Systems Settings, despite being added in Plasma 5.21

Greetings :slight_smile:

Decided to give Manjaro a go again after a while, now running KDE Plasma on my workstation.
So far really enjoying it!

Onwards to the issue, setting things up I noticed that whilst KDE Plasma announced for the 5.21 release a Firewall tab under the networks settings, it is not present in the System settings on a new install of Manjaro.

Has it been excluded in the manjaro release? Or could I have misconfigured something since it’s not showing up?

ufw is installed through Pamac and Plasma is updated to latest version on stable, 5.25.5-1.
ufw has been installed as a service through systemctl and enabled, not that it makes any difference to the System Settings.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Do you have plasma-firewall installed?

If you don’t, install it with sudo pacman -S plasma-firewall and reboot. Then it should be present in settings.


Thank you!

I guessed I probably n00bed out on something, and that was it.
It’s been years since I used linux properly, and forgot to check if there was a package I hadn’t installed since manjaro does so much out of the box.

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