Firefox will not open links in external applications

Student here, with home education because of the pandemic. Classes are over zoom, and classes are held by joining zoom meetings via a link.
Normally, this opens a dialog to launch link in an external application, but today this dialog just stopped appearing.

This worked just fine yesterday. System update and reboot doesn’t work. Clicking the big blue “launch meeting” button doesn’t do anything either.

My google-fu was insufficient to find an answer by myself, but does anyone know of possible causes?

Does this happen in any other browser or in firefox safe mode?

firefox -safe-mode

Just checked. Does not work in firefox safe mode, works fine in Chromium, which launches it with xdg-open like it should.

OP here I again, I found a solution that works for me. Posting the solution for future googlers.

In the settings/general tab in firefox, I scrolled down to Applications and found the entry for “zoommtg”. Then I changed the zoommtg application preference from “always ask” to the zoomLauncher executable in my flatpack directory. For me this was /var/lib/flatpak/app/us.zoom.Zoom/x86_64/stable/c3fb82e300cdf0eb0f9040e4d72372e8f1c0a2d5d5be7f67dca3ede4a16665d0/files/extra/zoom/ZoomLauncher
If you installed zoom via flatpack you should find it via file search.

After making this change, the dialog appears as normal when launching zoom via link.

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Try putting zoom in list of exceptions or simply go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Permissions and uncheck the option Block pop-up windows as suggested by this post:

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